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Worx™ revolutionary hand cleaner is organic, biodegradable, and all natural. Worx™ hand cleaner does not have solvents, phosphates, chemicals, alkali, or other toxic substances.

Worx™ is the only hand cleaner to be certified under the internationally recognized Ecologo (Environmental Choice) and Green Seal symbols for environmental excellence. To be certified, products must perform as well or better than any other product in their category. Rigorous testing ensures they comply with strict criteria for biodegradability, non-toxicity to mammals, fish or any other animals in the ecological chain. You can be confident that you have made the right choice for today and tomorrow by purchasing an effective, safe, environmentally friendly product.

Certified Environmentally safe

Worx Hand Cleaner is:
  • Certified by Ecologo and Green Seal to be safe for the environment
  • Extremely effective for home and industry
  • Does not harm your skin like other cleaners

Download the certifications in .pdf file format

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